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Segi University

SEGI UniversitySEGI University and Colleges hold now 27,000 students and counting, topping its sector under Bursa Malaysia’s listing gaining RM 1 billion. Investors believe in the tertiary education provided. This built up success has accumulated through multiple factors including loyalty towards high quality in providing tertiary education that includes highly committed academics that makes the learning process simpler and comfortable through a few teaching and researching experiences. There is great attention given to what employers want to today and in the near future and formulating strategies and techniques to meet those needs in the curriculum.


Evidence of a guaranteed high quality of education is proved by graduates who were able to find jobs easily and quickly and this is based on the SEGI record track of delivering employable graduates. While some other students have already found their suitable job before their graduation year with the help of partnerships with companies that provide internships and good opportunities for students.


The success policy shall not change as it has brought SEGI to what it is now and gives great motive to higher achievements.