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Why Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is well known and very popular in higher education study and access to universities degrees , including certificates, especially with more than 100,000 International  students from more than 100 countries studying there. Malaysia is a distinguished academic center for higher education in Asian region and world.

But what makes Malaysia a special education place? and what makes you choose to study in Malaysia?

There are several reasons makes you choose Malaysia as a destination for study, as:

1. high-quality education programs:

The Malaysian government monitors the quality of education in educational institutions through the application of a set of legislation such as the Education Act of 1996, private higher education institutions Act of 1996, and Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act of 2007. The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) continuous monitoring and constant guidance to ensure that the colleges and universities meet the highest standards in education and internationally recognized.

And higher education institutions in Malaysia provides professional, where courses focus on providing up-to-date educational programs related to market relevant. Graduates from Malaysia do not find any problem in finding suitable jobs. The Higher Education in Malaysia provide that International students can get a certificate from the world-famous universities in UK, United States, Australia and New Zealand through twinning programs with Malaysian universities or through its branch campuses in Malaysia.

2. Low cost of living and tuition fees:

The most important characteristic of the study in Malaysia is very reasonable tuition fees with high quality education, and the cost of living is also very low. It is possible that a student have a very good living in Malaysia with 10 thousand ringgit (equivalent to $ 3300) per year. The low value of the ringgit against other foreign currencies, which gives the student an opportunity and advantage to study and live in Malaysia.

If you are treading study in Malaysia, you are hitting two birds by one stone, to get a degree from a university and large internationally recognized, and at the same time reasonable and less than the cost of other countries.

3. Distinctive English language courses:

As a International student in Malaysia you should haven't any problems in your English language because it is the language that you will receive your education by. English is the primary medium of Instruction for all courses and study programs for higher education universities.
On the basis of such importance and so there are no problem for those less proficiency in the language, there are many schools and institutions that offer basic courses in English language.

4. multicultural study environment:

International students in Malaysia will get a great experience to live in a multicultural society and environment.
Malaysia being a diverse ethnic community and there are many students of the world, it shows the students to add value with a better understanding of the different world cultures and traditions all over the world life experiences. As students mixing with Malaysians students themselves and with other students from different nationalities.

5. safe and comfortable place to study:

Malaysia is a safe country where geography devoid of natural disasters, it is also politically stable and has no problems. With modern infrastructure and effective system of transport and technology, this makes Malaysia a comfortable and safe place and very suitable environment to study and live.

6. work during study:

The law in Malaysia are allowed to holders of student work permit in Malaysia during the study, allowing many students measure their living and earn some extra money to do some activities such as travel or entertainment. The law allows students to work part-time for a maximum 20 hours per week.