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(iKAD) Card for foreign students

As a foreign student studying in Malaysia, it is normal and necessary to have the identity card known as (iKAD), which contains your information to be submitted upon request.
(iKAD) card suitable for expatriates residing in Malaysia for a period of six months or more, whether for study or work purposes.
What is (iKAD)card:       
(iKAD) Card is a private identity issued by the Malaysian government for expatriates and foreigners, including foreign students who are in Malaysia, as long as they remain in Peninsular Malaysia.
According to the card in allowing foreigners to travel within West Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) without having to ask for their travel passport, as may be made for airports and entry but no substitute for a passport to go outside country.
It is important to note that the card is not a substitute for travel document or any other papers. although it is suitable as the identity through daily transactions, but it's not substitute for a passport to identify you in East Malaysia or remote areas that may not be familiar with the new format of the card.
(iKAD)  card contains the following information about you as a foreign student:
1. Student Photograph.
2. passport Number.
3. Nationality of the student.
4. Educational institution or University name where the student is studying.
5. Duration of the Student Pass in Malaysia.
6. may include barcode and thumbprint.
How can a foreign student studying in Malaysia to get (iKAD) card:
You can apply for the card as foreign personally or through the company's responsibility for your presence in the country or through a representative of the student's written permission. In the Department of Immigration in Putra Jaya (*)
And it is issued by the immigration authorities in Putrajaya for expatriates and their families during the period between one day to 5 days depending on the availability of the cards and the stability of the system.
Often there is no charge on the card or may be paid a small stipend, and you can be sure of this query from the Department of Immigration as the laws may change at any time. but at the loss of or damage to the authorities to impose 150 ringgit to expatriates and 50 ringgit to their families. In the case of left and did not receive the card within one month from the date of submitting the application and issuance, are written off and you need to demand that you have applied again and request a new a new fee to get them.
What do you do when the card is lost or corrupted (iKAD) your own:
In the event that your card has been lost or damaged as a student studying in Malaysia, you have to tell the educational institution or university of her.
As a student you will be responsible for payment of any replacement card fees when lost or damaged. And pay fees according to the following cases:
- 150 ringgit request card (iKAD) damaged.
- 150 ringgit for the first application of the loss of the card.
- 300 ringgit for the second request from the same student for the loss of the card.
- 500 ringgit for the third demand of the same student for the loss of the card.
And any loss is three times last card (iKAD) by the same student had to pay 500 ringgit for each application.
Why do you have to extract card (iKAD):
Card (iKad) help determine the legality of stay or not, so you have submitted its request from you, because they protect you and protect your legally in Malaysia.
The card cannot be described to turn to someone else, as it entitles you to use only.
(*) Putra Jaya: is the new administrative capital of Malaysia, located at a distance of 20 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur.