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Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is currently ranked as the world's 11th most preferred study destination as classified by " UNESCO ". This featured rating may be let some surprised!, but at the same time refers to the high quality and excellent reputation of Education in Malaysia.

As Malaysia as a country has been able to rise to the ranks of evolution and development in politics, economy, Malaysia has also realized the importance of the development of education at all stages, making it the reputation among the international educational community as favorable and reliable destination.

And what makes Malaysia occupied those ranked prestigious in education is that Malaysia has More than 30 years of experience in international education, and close to100,000 foreign students which equals 2% of the international student population around the world.

The Malaysian government is committed to the vision developed to provide high-quality education to students from all over the world. Especially that the Ministry of Higher Education monitors all institutions to ensure their commitment to the standards which creates a competitive atmosphere among them to provide their best, which makes student is the first and last beneficiary.

As a result, Malaysia has inspired many of the world-renowned foreign universities such as UK, United States, Australia and other universities to set up branch campuses or entering into partnerships and collaboration with Malaysian educational institutions.

The most characteristics of higher education in Malaysia that offers a wide range of courses and certificates in all fields with providing the same quality level, ranging programs and courses offered between English language programs, university degrees, Diplomas and Post-graduate studies (master's and Ph.D.)

Also a variety of study options both in the private higher education institutions, or foreign universities branches and Public universities. And all programs of study and flexible to meet different budgets and academic needs.

One of the most gains to study in Malaysia that universities certificates and various disciplines are recognized at the international level, which ensures you successful future in Job and life.

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