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Our Services

At Abeer Al-Ghada education services center, we put all our efforts to help you succeed , hand in hand we help you choose the right college and the right career, our education consultants are here to help you achieve your goals.
Abeer Al-Ghada provides full package of services from A to Z which are summarized as the following:
Our services before coming to Malaysia:
  • Counselors available in obtaining the suitable university offers in various degrees in different specializations
  • Ensuring acceptance for all education degrees such as diplomas, foundation degrees, bachelor, Masters and PhD no matter what is your previous education certificate
  • Providing places for students in different colleges, institutions or universities that hold high quality education and well reputation
  • Assistance within the student VISA by informing the student with the immigration rules in which we keep updated with every month
  • Preparing the student VISA file within the office in addition to company the student to the embassy door itself
  • Offers and scholarships up to date with tempting discounts from colleges and universities
Our services after coming to Malaysia:
  • Pickup students from the Airport, whatever the time/date is.
  • Hosting our students in one of our hotels group partners in Kuala Lumpur and near to the universities, all hotels are 4 stars and above which provide high quality services
  • Our staff are willing to help all our students in getting basic student's needs such as changing money into Malaysian currency, buying mobile SIM and all other needs during first three nights in Malaysia.
  • Attendant interpreter with our students who are not fluent at English along registration steps.
  • Taking student to the university which he going to study in to recognize to the campus.
  • Following up and complete all registration procedures such us registration completion, pay tuition fees, medical checkup and passport submission for visa.
  • Evaluation for the English language level and providing consultancy regarding the amount of practice needed
  • Presenting various choices for accommodation and helping the student select the suitable location and prices