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How long it takes to get visa approval ?
Usually visa process takes between 6-8 weeks from the date if issuing offer letter , during this period visa approval goes through many phases until the approval occurs
Our employees will let the student know where exactly his visa approval and when it expected to be ready to collect.

How long it takes to get offer letter?
When students  submit “ complete documents”  for our offices  in the student’s country or upload through online registry system and settle registry and visa payments   , our follow up team  which allocated in Malaysia will get an offer letter from chosen university  during 2 to 3  working days .

How much it costs living in Malaysia ?
This is can vary between students depends on life style , in  average living cost in malaysia  falls between  (400$ - 600$) monthly 

Our partners universities  Worldwide recognition ?
Our partners universities are well known worldwide with high ranking position in Malaysia and across the world