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Best Studying places in Malaysia

Hectic daily routines could be exhausting and maybe unorganized. A human being is able to
focus more elusively in environments that encourage a suitable working atmosphere. As
studying should be a priority to any student; the surroundings are also crucial and important to
one’s achievement of maximum output in work and projects. Malaysia is full of decent places
in which you can focus and achieve your best potentials whether in your projects or studying
exams or meeting with your fellow teams and intending to organize a special team work of your
own. We have managed to track down some of the best quiet working/ studying places in Malaysia.

Incube 8 (Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur)
Here is where you can get the perfect office space you need and also have the option to increase it.
Once you book the place, you’ll only pay for the space you need. The cost includes rent, service charge,
utilities, and insurance. The place takes up to 50 people and offers good discounts on meeting rooms and
office space. The place also offers a free flow of beverages and cleaning services. You’ll also be provided
a chargeable telephone, high speed internet, interior meeting room and executive meeting room in availability
and a board room in a unique place such as Incube 8 that is furnished and has electricity.

The startup Hub
This is a special place that will provide you the need atmosphere for focusing; it includes an individual desk, locker,
chair, utility charges, free 10 days training room, photo copying, scanning, access to professional mentors, an
invitation to all start up events. The place is available for daily usage or weekly usage, and you could also book it
for 300 RM/ month.

Nook in Bangsar
You could get this working space rented for 400 RM/ a month ; as you’ll get a desk, personal lockable storage,
complimentary drinks, 10-day pass, virtual office, private meeting room, conference room and a free parking space!

White Space in Mon Kiara
If you’re looking for more than just a space to study search no more for this is the perfect place to study and work
in a fully equipped environment; where you could only pay for what you’re using such as meeting rooms, executive
rooms, training rooms, lockers, and facilities.
Paper + toast at the Kuala Lumpur center
This place costs 500 RM worth of rental per month and offers you an exclusive place for study and work. It also
provides plug points, desk facilities, 1 day pass, 12 day pass, and meeting rooms ready for booking when necessary.

Study rooms of Nottingham University Malaysian campus
There are several bookable rooms provided on campus, including a meeting room which you can use for
2 hours per day and have a minimum of four partners or colleagues with you, post graduate individual study
rooms that are only available for postgraduate students who can book online and use it up to 3 hours and
enjoy a renewal, and a multimedia room which is open to all students and equipped with 6 terminals that
includes a video-editing terminal and other multimedia viewing terminals; you can book any of these terminals
at any time by just providing your name.