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Top Universities in Malaysia

A reputable education is a great endeavor that motivates anyone in to moving abroad and a great bonus to those who are planning to live abroad. Every great country is marked by its education as a top influencer to its ranking among the world and not just the privileges of culture and society. Malaysia is not only delight in its cultural spectrum but also its educational platform. The country holds some of the most divine universities in the world; some of which we tracked down below.

University of Malaya
This is university is considered the highest ranking Malaysian institution located in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and was established 1949. The university has managed to graduate around 11,000 people and is a top preference by International students to purse both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Faculties of the university include Arts and Humanities, Business and management, Engineering and technology, Life Sciences and Medicines, Natural Sciences, and Social Services.

University Kebang Saan Malaysia
The university, which is publicly funded and established in 1970, is also known as The National University of Malaysia and holds a variety of subjects that has a great focus on research. The university’s main campus lies in Bangi in South of Kuala Lumpur, and is a great agent in attracting faculty members from abroad.

University of Sains Malaysia
The university which is considered a public research university , is ranked the 61 in Asia and 355 in the world. The main campus is located in George Town on the island Penang. Nevertheless it focuses on engineering and health care on the western and the eastern sides of the peninsular Malaysia Mainland, it also has a variety of study fields and ranks the strongest agent in research papers.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
The university is an Institution that mainly focuses on engineering and technology, and holds two campuses. One campus is Kuala Lumpur and the other is in Johor. Other faculties present in campus include; sciences, biosciences, and medical engineering, and management and Human Resources. The campus is ranked the 7th in Asia in regards to hosting a large number of international students.
Universiti of Putra Malaysia
It provides education in the fields of agriculture and forestry; located in south of Kuala Lumpur, holding a high ranking on 7th in Asia. The university hosts a lot of international students for post graduate studies.

International Islamic University of Malaysia
IIUM is a public university that was founded in 1983 and ranked 160 in Asia, aiming to provide utmost quality of education but blended with Islamic values. The university’s main campus lies in Gombak in north of Kuala Lumpur.

University of Malaysia in Sarawak
The University was established in 1992 and holds over 16,000 students. It offers post graduate studies and is located in east Malaysia in town of Sarawak. It was considered to be the first university initiated as part of “Wawasan 2020” which is a national vision where Malaysia is expected to achieve great progress in industrialization and development. The university holds eight faculties and has a goal of being competitive in a world where knowledge has become a universal language.

The University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus)
This is the branch of Nottingham of UK in Malaysia and has been established 15 years ago. As the first British university in Malaysia its teaching is all conducted in the English language. The university is located in Selangor and students have degrees from the official branch of Nottingham.
University of Tunku Abdul Rahman
This is a non- profitable university that was founded in 2002 and established under a foundation called UTAR Education Foundation. The campus holds over 24,000 students in a place that offers eight honors degree programs and has lately expanded 10 more that focus on research. The university is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Ministry of Higher Education. Faculties are different from campus to campus. The city campus holds; Medicine and health science, accountancy & management, engineering & science, creative industries, center for foundation studies, center of extension education. On the other hand the Perak campus hold faculties of; Business & Finance, Information Technology, Science, Engineering & Green Technology, Arts & Social Sciences, and Chinese Studies.