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If you want to take your career and earning potential to the highest level, A Corporate Master In Business Administration can help you reach your goals, a CMBA from UNIMAS university enables you to reach your ultimate career goals whether you were seeking the role to be a successful business owner, or key corporate executive.
The Advantage of taking this course at UNIMAS is:
·         Government University worldwide Recognized.
·         The duration of the study: 18-48 Months.
·         This course is available in Kuala Lumpur.
·         Classes would be during the weekends.
·         A plenty of time to work and study.
Course structure:
·         Principle of Accounting and Finance.
·         Economic Theory.
·         Research Methods and Statistical Analysis.
·         Accounting for Managers.
·         Corporate Finance.
·         Economic Analysis and Policy.
·         Strategic Marketing.
·         Strategic Management.
·         International Finance.
·         Investment.
·         Money, Banking and Financial Market.
·         The Global Economy.
·         International Business.
·         Human Resource Management.
·         Entrepreneurship.
·         Knowledge Management.
·         Law for Managers.
·         Managing Culture.
·         Firms, Institutions and Competition.
·         E-Business.
·         Corporate Business Project.
Minimum entry Requirements:
·         A Bachelor degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.75 and above.
·         Other equivalent qualifications approved and recognized by UNIMAS Senate.
·         IELTS Score of 6.0 or TOEFL equivalent is required.
·         First Year Payment: 18,231.00 RM = 4,450 USD
·         Second Year payment:   11,850 RM = 2,890 USD
·         Personal Bond:                3000RM = 732USD
·         Visa: 2500 RM = 609 USD
·         Full tuition Fees:             30.080 RM = 7,340 USD