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BEng (Hons) Mechatronic Engineering

1.BEng (Hons) Mechatronic Engineering:
Students studying this program learn how to design through learning mechanical electronic and computer science techniques and apply them in industrial technology skills.
Duration of study:
4 years
Entry requirements:
•          Diploma Degree or equivalent.
•          International baccalaureate ( A levels, O levels).
•          English requirement.
Career opportunities:
Mechatronic Engineers are able to find careers in developing industries such as integration of computer, electrical hardware and mechanical systems, because they have the necessary skills in Electrical, Mechanical and Robotic Engineering. They will be able to lead careers also in other fields such as Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Biomedical, Robotics and Automation.
Application& visa: 2630RM
First time payment after application: 20,475RM = 4,995USD
Tuition fees;   year 1: 21,095 RM = 5145 USD
                        Year 2: 18,830 RM = 4593 USD
                        Year 3: 20,730 = 5056.09 USD
                        Year 4: 13,370 RM = 3261USd