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Bachelor engineering (HONS) Petroleum Engineering

1.Bachelor engineering (HONS) Petroleum Engineering:
Petroleum engineering teaches students the importance of oil, gas, exploration, production and development.
Duration of study:
4 years
Entry requirements:
•          Diploma Degree or equivalent.
•          International baccalaureate ( A levels, O levels).
•          English requirement.
Career opportunities:
Drilling Engineer
Production Engineer
Field Engineer
Reservoir Engineer
Operation Engineer
Project Development Engineer
Mud Engineer
Well Completion Engineer
Cost Engineer
Work over Engineer
Process Engineer
Subsea Engineer
Offshore Engineer
Simulation Engineer
Health and Safety Engineer
Application& visa: 2630RM
First time payment after application: 20,475RM = 4,995USD
Tuition fees:    year 1: 19,490RM = 4,754USD
                          Year 2: 17,840RM = 4351 USD
                        Year 3: 20,480RM 4995 USD
                        Year 4: 25,080RM = 6,117 USD