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Bachelor Engineering (HONS) Civil Engineering

1.Bachelor Engineering (HONS) Civil Engineering:
This program focuses on meeting the demand of the on-growing modern world to provide the best quality of life possible.
Duration of study:
4 years
Entry requirements:
·         Diploma Degree or equivalent.
·         International baccalaureate ( A levels, O levels).
·         English requirement.
Job opportunity:
Graduates are given the opportunity to work as Civil Engineers plan, design, construct and maintain buildings, airports, harbors, roads, railways, bridges, and tunnels among others. The vital role of civil engineers in society helps in creating and controlling the environment (e.g. water and waste, floods and irrigation, traffic management).
Application& visa: 2630RM
First time payment after application: 20,475RM = 4,995USD
Tuition fees:   year 1: 18,980 RM = 4,630 USD
                        Year 2:16,390 RM = 3,998 USD
Year 3: 19,020 RM = 4,640 USD
Year 4: 24,255 RM = 5,916 USD