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BSc (Hons) Professional Practice in Nursing (Post Registrati

The program’s goals:
·         Develop current knowledge about nursing through the study of scientific andhumanistic literature.
·         Develop intellectual skills, critical thinking and evaluation to help enhance personal and professional practice and roles.
·         Explain the changing inconsistent nature of health policy and its effect on professional practice.
·         Encourage change and evidence-based practice
·         Enhance knowledge and skills
Graduates of this program will attain the following:
·         Implement this experience in their personal and professional life and assess their practices from time to time
·         Analyze the factors that affect the efficacy of managerial functions in the health sector.
·         Are able to ease, initiate, lead and assess the constantly changing practice environment.
·         Aware of the legal and ethical standards that may produce challenges to the profession and decision making.
·         Along active practicing of the profession, graduate will be able to implement health promotion initiatives.
·         Identify strategies and techniques for further improvement, and evaluate clinical learning.
·         Be able to develop research findings for further improvement in the practice.