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Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Global General Business)

Even though you’ll study in Malaysia, you’ll get a 100 % American certificate. A diversity of populations studies this program that is offered in a high educational quality where students become qualified to be future leaders in protecting the public.
Duration of study:
4 years
Entry requirement:
SPM with 5 credits in any subjects;
UEC with Grade B in 5 subjects;
or other equivalent qualifications approved by MOHE
Career opportunities:
Students will be able to pursue opportunities in multimedia or the business world. Jobs may vary such as broadcasting, visual communications, written journalism, video journalism, sports reporting, web design and media graphics. The qualifications required for such major involves analytical skills, dealing with conflict and being able to conduct research.
Application and visa fees:2700RM = 659USD
Admin fees:6000RM = 1500 USD
Tuition fees per year: 15125 = 3690USD