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Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

The program enhances your pharmaceutical skills to ensure good treatment to patients and also prepares you enough to get a great working opportunity with a great salary. The steps to implement that plan include studying the composition of drugs, analyze its purity and given in suitable dosages to patients. The course explains scientific knowledge through submerging practical, clinical and professional skills that would late develop you in to a future healthcare scientist.

What is pharmacy
It is a health profession that links chemicals and biological sciences through various steps of development, searching and concluding if these medicines are suitable for disease prevention and medical treatment. To achieve professionalism, pharmacists make use of this gained information to provide patient care. Pharmaceutical practices include compounding and dispensing medicines, provision of health information advice and management of diseases and medications. They also are in charge in the pharmaceutical industry because it is always recruiting pharmacy graduates in drug discovery, development, quality assurance, clinical research and regular affairs. This demand occurred due to the rapid growth of the healthcare system and has resulted in a shortage of qualified pharmacists in Malaysia and worldwide.