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Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)

The SEGi Bachelor of Optometry (Hons) programs is an undergraduate program offered at the best private university. The academic professors have been in the optometric education since 2004 could prove that. The Optometry program is offered through facilities that are  in  overseas institutions.

Qualified lecturers are responsible for delivering full-time Optometric program and also this high quality academic is also delivered by external/visiting professors including Biomedical scientists, medical Practitioners, Ophthalmic Surgeons and practicing Optometrists. Students also endure clinical training through clinics on campus and external sites that provide various practices such as refractive surgery centers, private Ophthalmologic clinics and hospital eye departments.

This degree at SEGi University takes four years till completion and is eligible for external validation from a quality partner abroad. There are still ongoing efforts to partner with a qualified institution in United Kingdom to attain that external validation; which will allow graduates of the university not to only be given a certificate accredited by his/her university but also accredited by that partner university.
The Malaysian Optical Council has officially approved the program and after being given full accreditation the program will be adhered within the Malaysian Optical Act (1991). The program will deliver to society graduates who are clinically competent in eye care and also aware of the business of vision care intensively.