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Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)

Students will learn about technological developments, techniques, and tools in IT in the bachelor of Information technology offered by SEGi University. They will also be able to reflect skills relevant in the ICT industry and field. Students will acquire a sense of entrepreneurial and cognitive skills through detailed knowledge and understanding applied in analysis, synthesis, creativity and evaluation that help[s developing skills such as problem solving, communication and interactive skills. They will also attain practical, business and personal skills that will be used in the ICT field.
Graduate of that program will be knowledgeable and understand the advancements of ICT solutions in their major of study. They’ll have the ability to apply and assess techniques and approaches and developing ICT solutions through  an entrepreneurial perspective in the identification, analysis, and resolution of ICT issues. Students of this program will be accredited for Java, Oracle, Microsoft Sun and Cisco.
The program offers three majors in the field that includes:
·         Business Systems Design
·         Computer Networks
·         Software Engineering