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Bachelor of Dental Surgery

One of the very highly demanded careers and is also considered a reputable job is Dentistry. Dentistry is defined as the science and art of preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases curing injuries and malformations of teeth, jaws and mouth. It takes 5 years to complete this program of dental surgery at SEGi University that aims to deliver graduate who are keen and informative enough to be dentists. Students indulge in the clinical procedures and get emphasis on the recognition and prevention of oral diseases. This program is delivered to students through a problem-based learning approach in which it emphasizes on scientific information and engaging with students.
Graduates will be able to perform the following :
·         Graduates will be informative to apply what they learned effectively and safely.
·         Ethically and professional help patients in making health-wise decision
·         Analyze complicated problems and think of alternative solutions to resolve oral health problems based on scientific evaluations.
·         Engages with other dentists to promote health to community
·         Continues to develop education and develop professionally
·         Plans and manages dental career and community programs