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Bachelor of medical imaging

1.     Bachelor of medical imaging:
Medical imaging refers to the techniques and processes used to create images of the entire or parts of the human body for clinical purposes to reveal, diagnose or examine diseases or for medical examination which includes normal anatomy and physiology.
Job opportunities:
Operating Theatres
Accident and Emergency departments
Resuscitation Rooms
Cardiac Catheter laboratories
Endoscopy units
Minor Trauma units
Mobile breast screening units
Duration of study:        
4 years
Entry Requirements:
For International Students please check if you have the certificate needed to be involved in this field.
•          High School certificate (O level) or equivalent (A levels)
•          English requirement
Application fee: 2000RM = 4880USD
Facilities fees: 1500 per year = 366USD
Course fees per year: 21000RM = 5,122USD