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MBA in Project Management

MBA in project management is the prefect decision for upgrading your CV. It is so competitive with master in project management but people tend to admire this degree more.
Program structure:
Year 1
Semester 1                                                                               Semester 2
Management                                                               Managerial Economics
Marketing Management                                              Financial Management
Managerial Accounting                                               Leading Organisational Change
Research Methodology                                               Project Scope, Time & Cost Management
Year 2
Semester 3
Strategic Management
Project Quality Assurance, Human Resources & Communication Management
Project Risk, Procurement & Integration Management
Duration of study:
1.5 years
Entry requirements:
·         High School certificate (O level) or equivalent (A levels)
·         Degree certificate & transcript with CGPA 2.5 and above.
·         Two recommendation letter.
·         ILETS with minimum score of 6.0
·         Personal Resume.
Career opportunities:
·         Graduate from this course may find themselves engaged and leading the Programme Management Office Project Management Office,
·         Transformation Management Office,
·         or other functional areas such as Human Resource,
·         Operations Management,
·         Customer Services,
·         Risk Management,
·         Marketing,
·         Event,
·         Creative Management to name a few.
·         Application fees and Visa:        3060RM = 746.3USD
·         Admission fees:                        5000RM = 1,220USD
·         Resource fees (per year):          1500RM = 366USD
·         WOC reference nook:               90RM = 22USD
·         Tuition fees (full course):         27000RM = 6,586USD