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Bachelor of Civil Engineering

As the world develops we can see the competition among the world largest countries in regards to the  longest tunnel, the largest mall and the highest buildings which are constructed by Civil engineers who are considered crucial to the development industry.
Program structure:
Year 1
Semester 1                                                                                           Semester 2
Engineering Mathematics I (Vector Calculus)            Engineering Mathematics II (Algebra)
Statics and Dynamics                                                             Structural Analysis I
Computer Programming                                                          Strength of Materials
Engineering Survey                                                                 Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B
Malaysian Studies                                                                   Civil Engineering Materials
Year 2
Semester 3                                                                                           Semester 4
Engineering Mathematics III (Differential Equations).    Engineering Mathematics IV (Statistics)
Fluid Mechanics                                                                      Wastewater Engineering
Environmental Engineering                                                    Structural Analysis II
Civil Engineering Drawings                                                    Soil Mechanics
Engineers and Society                                                                        Hydrology and Water Resources
Islamic Studies/Moral Studies*         
Year 3
Semester 5                                                                                           Semester 6
Hydraulics                                                                               Sustainable Urban Planning
Construction Methods and Technologies                               Stormwater Management
Structural Design I (Reinforced Concrete)                             Site Investigation
Foundation Engineering                                                         Professional Ethics and Law
Highway and Traffic Engineering                              Structural Design II (Structural Steel)
                                                                                                Industrial Training
Year 4
Semester 7                                                                                           Semester 8
Engineering Management                                                       Project Management
Capstone Project I                                                                  Capstone Project II
Structural Design III (Prestressed Concrete)                          Elective III
Elective I/II                                                                             Final Year Project II
Duration of study:
4 years
Entry requirements:
•           High School certificate (O level) or equivalent (A levels) or Any other equivalent            qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government.
•           English requirement
Career Opportunities
·         Structural Engineering
·         Geotechnical Engineering
·         Environmental Engineering
·         Materials Engineering
·         Water Resource Engineering
·         Earthquake Engineering
·         Coastal Engineering
·         Application fees and Visa:        3060RM = 746.3USD
·         Admission fees:                        5000RM = 1,220USD
·         Resource fees (per year):          1500RM = 366USD
·         WOC reference nook:               90RM = 22USD
·         Tuition fees per year:                17,000RM = 4,150USD