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Bachelor in International Business

International business program will help you understand business from a global perspective, and witness how the culture and the international economics are changing. You’ll know all what you need to know to develop a company or a new business and make it an essential part of the world. Limkokwing University is the best choice for this program for its multicultural environment.
Program Structure:
                                                                        Year 1
Semester 1                                                                                                       Semester 2
Introduction to Business Management                       Introduction to International Business
Financial Accounting Fundamentals                                                  Principles of Marketing
Business Mathematics                                                                         Microeconomics
Computer Application for Business                                                    Business Statistics
Business Communication Skills 1                                           Business Communication Skills 2
Select One:                                                                                          Select One:
Malaysian Studies                                                                               Moral Studies
Co-Curriculum 1                                                                                 Islamic Studies
Co-Curriculum 2
Year 2
Semester 3                                                                                           Semester4
International Business Strategy                                                          Managerial Accounting
Financial Management 1                                                                     Corporate Governance
Macroeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions                               Financial Management 2
Commercial Law                                                                                 International Marketing
Fundamental of Entrepreneurship                                                      Operations Management
Select One:                                                                              Directed Elective (Stream based)
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B                                                                    Global Classroom
Co-Curriculum 3        
Year 3
Semester 5                                                                                           Semester 6
Research Methods                                                                              Risk Management
International Business Environment                                                   International Banking
Global Human Resource Management                                               Strategic Management
International Management                                                                  Global Entrepreneurship
International Finance                                                                          International Economics
Open Elective                                                                                     Company Law
Duration of study:
3 Years
Entry requirements:
·         High School certificate (O level) or equivalent (A levels)
·         English requirement
Career Opportunities
·         Import & Export Executive
·         International Business Consultant
·         International Public Relations Executive
Application fees and Visa:        3060RM = 746.3USD
Admission fees:                        5000RM = 1,220USD
Resource fees (per year):          1500RM = 366USD
WOC reference nook:               90RM = 22USD
Tuition fees:                            14000RM = 3,415USD