Arabic English

Bachelor (Hons) in professional Design

This study will develop students’ potentials in abstracting and innovative technical skills throughout the study. Students will acquire the necessary fundamental knowledge and skills of a graphic designer and will be exposed in different areas of the industry such as corporate communications, multimedia and illustration. Also students will specialize and develop deeper knowledge in an area of preference, which includes advertising and multimedia with supporting subjects in animation, web technology and marketing. Students will learn about entrepreneurship and design management knowledge for the sake of success in the industry.
Program Structure:
                                                        Year 1
Semester 1                                                                             Semester 2
Design Heritage 1                                                                 Design Principles 2
Visual Problem Solving                                                        Digital Imaging 2
Illustration 1                                                                          Design Heritage 2
Photography 1                                                                       Typography 1
Digital Imaging 1                                                                  Illustration 2
Design Principles 1                                                               Photography 2
Select one:                                                                             Select One:
Malaysian Studies                                                                  Moral studies
Co-Curriculum 1                                                                    Islamic Studies
Co-Curriculum 2
                                                           Year 2
Semester 3                                                                                  Semester 4
Graphic Design 1                                                                   Graphic Design 2
Sociology & Design                                                   Design Management Principles 1
Typography 2                                                                            Typography 3
Illustration 3                                                                                 Marketing
Screen Design                                                                     Directed Elective 2
Directed Elective 1                                                                    Free Elective
Select One:                                                                              Global Classroom      
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B       
                                                            Year 3
Semester 5                                                                                   Semester 6
Design Management Principles 2                                               Final Project
Graphic Design 3                                                                 Design Cultures & Ideas
Design Analysis                                                                      Professional Studies
Directed Elective 3                                                                   Entrepreneurship
Duration of study:
3 years
Entry requierments:
·         High School certificate (O level) or equivalent (A levels)
·         English requirement
Career Opportunities
·         Art Director
·         Design manager
·         Illustrator
·         Photographer
·         Desktop publishing specialist
·         Image touch-up designer
·         Advertising manager
·         Graphic designer
·         Packaging designer
·         Event production manager
·         Communications designer
·         Stationery designer
·         Set designer
·         Magazine or newspaper designer
·         Web page designer
·         Exhibition designer
·         Multimedia designer
Application fees and Visa:        3060RM = 746.3USD
Admission fees:                        5000RM = 1,220USD
Resource fees (per year):          1500RM = 366USD
WOC reference nook:               90RM = 22USD
Tuition fees (per year):             19,550RM = 4,770USD