Arabic English

Bachelor (HONS) In Games Design

Students will learn about the fundamentals of game design, the game design graduate will be equipped with the right skill to design project, manage and produce world-class games and attain valuable skills as a project manager for a team of artists and programmers. The program is designed to be highly practical and industry-oriented.
Program structure:
                                                                 Year 1
Semester 1                                                                                 Semester 2
Fundamentals of Games Design 1                           Fundamentals of Games Design 2
Fundamentals of Games Art 1                                   Fundamentals of Games Art 2
Fundamentals of Games Technology 1              Fundamentals of Games Technology 2
Games System and Architecture                                 Games Design Project 1
Casual Games Studies                                                  Game World Creation
Game Genre Studies 1
Select One:                                                                          Select One:
Malaysian Studies                                                              Moral Studies
Co-Curriculum 1                                                               Islamic Studies
                                                                                         Co-curriculum 2
                                                      Year 2
Semester 3                                                                                         Semester 4
2D Games Project 1                                                                    2D Games Project 2
Games Design Project 2                                                           Games Genre Studies 3
Games Level Design                                                               Games Assets Development
Games Genre Studies 2                                                           Story Telling in Games
Database Design for Games                                                   Games Platform Studies
Select One:                                                                               Research Methodology
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B                                                             Global Classroom
Co-Curriculum 3        
   Year 3
Semester 5                                                                                           Semester 6
Dissertation for Games                                                                     Final Project
Social Networks in Games                                                      Games Project Management
Games Business Knowledge                                                  Games Quality Control and Testing
Multiplayer Games Design                                                     Games Localization
Games Design Project 3                                                          Games Design Project 4
Directed Elective (Steam based)       
Duration of study:
3 years
Entry requirements:
·         High School certificate (O level) or equivalent (A levels)
·         English requirement
Career Opportunities
·         Game Designers
·         Level Designers
·         Production Managers
·         Project Managers
·         Game Testers
Application fees and Visa:        3060RM = 746.3USD
Admission fees:                        5000RM = 1,220USD
Resource fees (per year):          1500RM = 366USD
WOC reference nook:               90RM = 22USD
Tuition fees(per year):              19,550RM = 4,770US