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Volunteer in Malaysia

A cultural experience isn’t unique unless you participate in voluntary projects and pay forward something to the community even if it is a foreign community. This is a perfect chance to know how you can explore Malaysia from the eyes of a volunteer. There are parts of Malaysia that are considered modern in development and other parts that include jungles such as a place called “Borneo”. We tracked down some of the voluntary activities you can do during you stay in Malaysia that will create a great adventure you’ll never forget!

Teaching on the Perhentian Island
The project helps improve English skills as a language among adults and children. If you volunteer in such program you’ll not only help make the village a better place but you’ll also be supporting to help local economy and help ladies group “Perhentian Islands Ladies Association”.
As a volunteer you will help three school clubs in fields such as computer, English and environmental clubs. You will also have fun participating in other activities along the project such as hosting an awareness booth, get the great taste of Malay dinners with family villages and enjoy some light construction work.

Repairning coral reefs in Borneo
The house reef that is located in the Azure blue warm tropical seas in one of the most diverse coral reefs in the world is currently facing threat. Through this program, you’ll volunteer to dive in through scuba diving and protect the great reefs and plant coral on the damaged ones. This project increases biodiversity and protects fish and turtles.

Saving the rain forest of Borneo in Malaysia
Here is your chance to live in the Malaysian cloud forest, where you’ll travel to remote and untouched parts of the world to preserve those environments through something called “Raleigh expeditions”, which is a development team with over 30 years of experience, and offers 3 projects: preserving vulnerable areas, tackling poverty, and trekking through unspoiled rainforest.

Tiger conservation
There are about 250 Malayan tigers left in the wild. It is of a humane duty to save and preserve them. Through this program, you’ll spend 4 days per week jungle trekking on the borders of Malaysia’s largest national park in Taman Negara. You will collect valuable foot print data of various jungle animals and help disassemble any snares, which reduce the numbers of tiger prey animals.
You’ll proceed with such activity for 4 days a week and the other two days you will have the chance to blend with the family village.
You might not have experience in this regard, but no worries you’re taught how to identify animal tracks and locate potential spots of animal snares. This program spreads awareness among the community on the importance of animal conservation to help reduce the number of animals getting trapped.

Volunteers for peace
This is a non-profit organization that has been launched in 1982 and offers over 3000 projects in 100 countries. You will learn how to communicate with diverse groups and build understanding and connections around the world. You can choose to volunteer in short-term projects too; where volunteers from four different countries gather together to create a personalized two week to a 1 year of voluntary experience.

Volunteer with Kids in Malaysia
The place where humanity lives is the place where the heart never dies. This program is located in Borneo and enables you to care for disabled children including paralysis, deafness, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, attention deficit disorder and learning difficulties. As a volunteer you will have the duty of playing with the children, preparing their meals, cleaning, and reading for them.