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PhD programs in Malaysia

The more you acquire knowledge at different ages of your life, the more you’ll develop not only your career life but your achievements to your own homeland and society. When One decides to pursue a PhD degree that means he/she have decided to take the maximum of educational output. If you decide to pursue a PhD then it has to be for the purpose of becoming a university professor or researcher.

You need to fill in certain requirements to achieve a PhD in any subject you aspire such as intelligence, creativity, a great deal of curiosity, self-motivation, perseverance and discipline. Malaysia is a multicultural place where you can pursue a PhD and enjoy a different educational experience. We tracked down some of the special PhD programs that you could pursue in Malaysia.

Business Administration
You’ll have the ability to research in areas of business & management recognized by 33 member countries of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue and accredited by Malaysian qualifications agency. There is no proposal needed for this entry. The program consists of workshops and research clinics.

Agricultural Botany
You could pursue such program at Darul Iman University of Malaysia; where you will be skilled in analysis, critical observation of financial & business systems related to the agricultural sector. You will also be given the chance to learn about rural livelihood and deal with seasonal and environmental constraints. Through the program, you will learn about legal and political management and their effect on the environment as you’ll specialize in biomass processing and bio products engineering and food engineering.

Animal Pathology
This is an interesting PhD program that is given at Darul Iman University. It covers all the discipline of biomedicine, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, neuroscience and psychology. Students pursuing such a PhD will research in the fields of Biomedical signal processing, Bio sensing, Drug Delivery, Haemtology, Medical devices, Respiratory mechanics and Robotic surgery.
This is a special and complicated PhD that you can pursue at the Management & Science University; where you’ll receive a proper education in natural sciences and will get the chance to study advanced courses such as Molecular and cellular biology, physiology, ecology, animal biology, plant biology and microbiology.

Built environment
This PhD that is provided at the prominent University of Malay; where you’ll receive the proper skills that will enable you to define national and global environment issues and complex human-environment relationships. As a student you’ll engage in study and research in the fields of environmental policy, coastal geomorphology, geographical information systems, geographical database development, economic geography, globalization and development, and regional planning.

Accounting/ Finance
Students pursuing this PhD at the Management & Science University, will be qualified enough to practice accounting and business information systems. Holder of this PhD will also be able to implement various strategies in accounting and research issues in corporate governance, securities, analyst, earnings management, and capital market-based accounting research.
PhD in Malaysia could after all be an educational dream and while you could be exhausted through the learning process, you will not think of anything but the shining opportunities in your career life you’ll have after the completion of these degrees.