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Online bookstores you can use in Malaysia

In today’s modern world everything inevitably should become easy including the purchase process.
There is definitely no need to spend hours and hours in an actual book store when you can actually
purchase everything you need online from home or anywhere you are. There are many websites
where you can buy books online in Malaysia, but we have tracked down only some of the best online bookstores below.

The most prominent online bookstore and one of the leaders of the online shopping revolution,
Amazon website is where you can find any book edition. They ship orders to Malaysia at cost rates
$ 4.99 per shipment and $ 4.99 per item on purchases of books, however; the heavier the shipment
the more expensive it is. Amazon has the biggest collection of books within many categories.

 Once you navigate through the website you’ll find books categorized based on department, format, author,
promotions, awards and languages. This is one of the most famous online book stores because it has a
variety of books of different languages. The website doesn’t sell kindle and E-books to people in Malaysia
unfortunately but you’ll enjoy the user rating and book description when buying a book.

MPH online
This is Malaysia’s number one online bookstore with a long history in the Malaysian publishing industry. It is well
known for its discounts and offers stationery, office supplies and tools. Your online order will arrive with 3 to 5
working days. The other good news is that the shipment to west Malaysia is for free on orders above $ 29.16,
but the usual price for one shipment is $ 1.80. The website features best-selling books, new arrivals, E-books,
and upcoming books.

Book Depository
This online bookstore is based in UK but delivers for free to international countries. One of the advantages of
this website is that you can search it by key words that include: best sellers, fast movers, and book of the week.
While the disadvantage would be that the delivery takes longer 7 to 14 days depending on where the book is being shipped to.

Bookxcess online
The site works amazingly as it sell books at a much cheaper rate that any other book store in the country
because they tend to stock brand new books that are over printed or over-stocked. The Delivery of these
books takes from 3 to 5 working days. You could pay through credit cards, debit cards or E-banking.
There is a 5% discount on purchases between $ 12.15 or $ 36.21 and a 10% discount on purchases above
$ 36.45. The sections on the website are categorized as kid’s corner, fiction, and blind date with a book.
The site also sells games and decorative items, however; they might not have the latest books because they
sell only over-printed and over-stocked books.

Kino-Kuniya Malaysia
This unique bookstore website is available in all countries, where shipping is $1.94  and costs are  $ 10.33 in
East Malaysia. The website offers a user guide that helps shoppers with any query. Shoppers with privilege
cards are allowed to buy any book at much lower prices. Once you log on the site you’ll find many sub-categories
including best sellers. One of the highlights of this website is that it is available in 3 languages and is simple and
easy to navigate. One of the drawback however is that it provides books in 3 languages only English, Japanese,
Chinese and some buyers might be bothered by the unavailability of user ratings on the website.

The website categorizes books in to two main categories which are English and Chinese books. Once you navigate
through the website, you will be delighted by the use of visuals more as the website uses photos of book covers accompanying each listing