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Learn in Malaysia during the summer

Summer is usually a great time to travel and enjoy deep relaxation from a long routinely year, however; it could also be a great chance to turn
your summer vacation in to a unique learning experience and also visit a different country other than your homeland and indulge in a not only
educational experience but also a cultural one. In Malaysia, you’ll be overwhelmed with the summer courses offered that could immediately
grab your attention, and get you interested to pursue a high quality education on different lands. We tracked down some of the good summer
courses you can enroll in, if you’re planning to spend your summer vacation in Malaysia.

The Malaysian campus of Nottingham University
This course doesn’t require any prior studies or experience this two weeks program is completely fit applicants who are undergraduates,
postgraduates, working adults, and over 18 years of age, and hold good English skills IELETS 6.0, are eligible for entry. This program
provides opportunity to study a new subject, and meet people from across the world with different backgrounds.

 The program costs $ 1128.74 and a bursary fee that costs $ 237 if the student is already enrolled in Nottingham while students from third
world countries will be paying $ 534 bursary fee, however. There is a 10% discount for people who apply early in April. These costs include
classroom costs, accommodation, and food during trips, and cultural & social program.The courses offered include Documentary film making,
politics , culture & media in Southeast Asia, peaceful cultures, Doing business in Asia,
Creative writing, Issues in development in Southeast Asia, Intensive Mandarin Chinese.

Summer Programs at Taylor’s university
The university offers a unique opportunity to take classes and earn U.S credits that can be transferred back to the students’ home university for 3 months. This transfer program holds classes taught all in English and the university’s campus is already equipped as a great environment for international experience.

Summer programs that are offered include Biodiversity, Culture of Malaysia, practices of pharmacy in Malaysia, Business & entrepreneurship in Malaysia & Thailand, Malaysian Mass Media Mastery, Mobile Apps development, project based engineering design, Malaysian culture studies, Malaysian Legal system, Ethnographic exploration of the food and visual arts. The deadline to apply for the summer program at Taylor’s is usually always a month before the start date of the program.

Summer School in Monash University
This summer program gives you the chance to gain credits if you are a college student and aren’t enrolled in the usual academic year. The only side effect usually faced when you decide to take place in a summer program is its intensive long hours. For example class hours will be longer as in a 3-hours class per week might be taken in all-day classes for a week.
You might want to know about certain issues before you travel such as enrollment deadlines, attendance requirements, and teaching and course census dates; through contacting the relevant school in advance.

Courses offered in the summer program include school of arts and social sciences, Business, Medicine and health Sciences, and general Science.

Malaysian Law program at Monash
You can study in the summer more than two offered units or courses. This program is open to international students where
they’ll study a range of comparative and international law subjects. The courses offered sound more than interesting and include
criminal justice, legal studies, and Pre-law. What is even more interesting about this program is that it’s taught by unique professors
from Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia and Australia. Each course costs $ 2,500.

Business Summer Program
The program, also taught at Monash University, consists of financial modeling, marketing theory & practice, leadership in Asia, and Financial management. Unfortunately you are allowed to study only two courses during the summer, but it is a great educational experience especially if its acquired on a very multicultural land hence very multicultural learning methods.