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Malaysia’s International Scholarships

Education marks the limitless roof of knowledge and is a great sign of one’s expertise; it also boosts a nation’s great stature among the world.
Malaysia is a great fountain of knowledge and studies. Whether you are already living in Malaysia or pursuing your studies there, the country
offers a great variety of studying fields and acts as a major advocate to support you through financial aspects in the process of finishing your
studies through several scholarships sponsored by the government and some universities we tracked down.

The Malaysian government launched an initiative called Malaysia International Scholarship to help students pursue post graduate studies in Malaysia, hence gaining talent from abroad. The scholarships sponsors private universities and public universities in several fields, including science and engineering, Agriculture & fisheries, Economic and Islamic Finance, Information and Communication technology, Biotechnology, Infrastructure and Utility, Environmental studies, and Health.

Scholarship package
Once the scholarship is granted to a student he/she will have access to air tickets, tuition fees, monthly allowance,
annual books & interval level, medical insurance, installation and termination grant, thesis allowance and Visa.

Scholarship Requirements
Applicants applying for Masters should not exceed age of 40 and applicants applying for PhD shouldn’t exceed age of 45.
Applicants who are applying for masters or PhD must have good results and GPA of 3.5. The selection of  the PhD candidates
are based on the number of books, journals, portfolio and patent copy right, and candidates should own a great reputation in
research and have adequate knowledge in the field of research.

Applicants must hold a proof of English Language where he/she scores 6.5 in IELTS and 580 in TOEFL if it’s a paper based test,
230 if it’s a computer based test, and 92 if it is internet based. Finally, applicants must own a proof of admission to Master or
PhD studies and is relevant to the field of studies. Once the candidate meets all the requirement he/she may apply online
through the Ministry of Higher Education.

Other Scholarships

·         University of Southampton Malaysia Campus,
It is a private university that offers scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate studies. A 25 % scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved “A” grades in Math, Physics, and Critical Thinking. The scholarship, however, is applicable to the first year of study only, therefore if you wish to have a 20% scholarship you must pass the first year successfully.

Link to Scholarship: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/my/undergraduate/ugscholarships.page
·         The Shell Malaysia Scholarship
The scholarship sponsors local students pursuing post graduate studies in the fields of engineering, sciences, and commercial.

Link of more details on the scholarship: https://www.studymalaysia.com/scholarships/shell-malaysia-scholarship-2016-local-scholarship

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