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Malaysian Students participating in Educational competitions

The “Enactus” Malaysia National Competition
The Competition was held at convention center in Kuala Lumpur to show entrepreneurial work impact. Four teams
gathered to share their initiatives which included an idea of making the best out of Beekeeping activities and making
products from honey. The University of Malaysia Sabah came in second place, Northern University of Malaysia came
in third place and the Islamic Science University of Malaysia in fourth.

A School in English Speaking competition
Kampong school was in the top 5 winners in an English speaking competition. The school is known for a very low
English proficiency, however, one of the innovative young teachers named Cheryl Ann Fernando dedicated her life
to teaching in rural Kedrah after leaving a corporate job and she is now pursuing doctorate in education
and curriculum design.

The International Innovation Challenge
Four talented Malaysian students were awarded in the great Kuala Lumpur challenge and recognized by the Swedish
embassy in 2013. Those students helped in generating solutions for technology and sustainable development and
will now participate in a project work at SAAB group, attend the Ambassador Development program and receive a
paid educational trip to Sweden.

The Malaysia Public Policy competition
This is a case based competition that provides local students and Malaysian students abroad the unique chance in being
a Malaysian public policy maker and suggesting ideas to be implemented. The challenge took place in 2015 in Sunway
University, where young leaders took the platform through intellectual discourse and managed to turn and develop
ideas in to policies.

Bond’s University Annual High School Mooting
Malaysian students could make great use of this competition where they will be showing their understanding of legal studies
and practice it in a real court-room environment and depict clear communication and persuasion skills.