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International Programs in Malaysia

There are several ways to start a new adventure and a new beginning to a thoughtful exciting era in your life. That assumption
doesn’t only involve experiencing a cultural trip, but also an educational one; especially if what you’re attaining is very rare and unique.
Malaysia, an industrial country, is very rich in regards to international programs and takes great credit in providing students with
updated education. We have taken the effort to track down some of the best and interesting international programs in Malaysia.

The University of London International programs
The university offers a variety of unique programs that helps students study a high quality curriculum without leaving Malaysia
through studying the desired program in one of the local recognized teaching center. The university’s popular international programs
include computing, Information Systems, London School of economics, Political Science, Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance,
Economics and Management offered to over 2,500 international students.

The programs are affordable and give you a competitive edge in the job market, in which you’ll be eligible to apply in major law and accountancy
firms and top multinational companies.Some of the unique programs you could also apply to through this university is LLB which provides you
with entry to legal profession in Malaysia, England & Wales. Another great program is the newly launched MSc degree in Professional
Accountancy that enables you to do both tasks of completing the program and acquire an ACCA professional accountancy qualification parallel together.

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
The program is a two and half years courses that qualifies you in the training industry through practical training and theory training.
The program is compatible with the European Aviation Safety Agency syllabus and is taught in Despark College.

Diploma in Bio-Agritech
Students enrolled in this program, for two and half years, are taught about using earth to provide further resources to the growing
population by learning the best usage of energy, water, releasing harmful chemicals in environment, improving crop quality, improve wild life,
and reducing global warming threats.

 Diploma in Green Building
The program is taught in Green City International College in two and half years; students learn how to be professionals in transforming
and managing designs and construction with green considerations and have a basic understanding of green building practices.

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