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Best Seven Courses to Study in Malaysia

Knowledge is an essential to daily life, however, certain type of knowledge can add up a lot to you as an individual
in regards to your communication skills, expertise, and self-development. Each country has its own unique courses
that make the same type of course different anywhere else. We have tracked down the best courses you can study
in Malaysia.

1-Arts at Brickfields Asia college
This course, is taught in English, develops students in a variety of areas such as critical thinking,
time-management and goal setting, studying methods, creativity, problem solving, and personal
development. Students also acquire leadership skills, making them well developed for their career paths.

2- Japanese Language course in Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya
Learning a new language is hard challenge, yet so fruitful when you carry along an extra language, thus in this
program you will be able to learn a program packed with 10 years of history. The program provides a flexible
time of study and no chargeable fees for revision lessons. This program is able to upgrade a student’s proficiency
level in grammar, communication skills, writing, reading, and phonetics.

3- Cambridge A-Level science at Brickfields Asia
The university is a partner of Cambridge International Associate Partner. The program enables students to be
eligible enough to process degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, engineering Actuarial sciences, pilot,
food science, forensic science, and biomedical sciences.

4- Foundation in Science at Mahsa University
This course, a one year duration,  is perfect for anyone who is looking forward to pursue Medical degrees.
This course is specially designed for SPM and O-level school leavers. The program gives an individual full
exposure to core science subjects and giving a chance to students to explore real interests and abilities and
be able to take decisions based on that before pursuing undergraduate studies.

5- Hospitality in Cruise Management at Green City College
This is a program that will give you many privileges once you decide on becoming a cruise ship member where
you will learn how to provide excellent customer services to passengers on board while making sure that they
are comfortable and safe throughout the whole trip. Members receive professional training and learn how to
handle emergencies. Other benefits you’ll receive is the fact that you’re getting paid to travel, and this will develop
the habit of saving!

6- Actuarial & Financial Mathematics
Although this is considered one of the toughest courses, it combines science and art on one platform. The program
prepares students for employment of mathematics in Financial Management, and teaches them the art of cleverness
and effective problem solving and persistence.

7- Electrical and Electronic engineering
The course is rich with a lot of things you can learn about if you are interested in engineering, including: statistics,
dynamics, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics through conceptual teaching. You will also learn programming logic
and how to handle great deal of cognitive loads.