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Benefits of studying medicine in Malaysia

Education is a leap forward towards development and a nation’s good will, and one has the right to be enlightened
by different forms of education outside’s one’s boundaries. Some might question the nature of the studies in Malaysia;
well it’s a matter of time till you realize that Malaysia has actually excelled a lot in research systems and is ranked
some of the best universities worldwide. Based on that fact, we have listed down the benefits of studying one of the
demanded majors such as medicine in Malaysia and tracked down the best places to study medicine.

This honors degree will make you capable of practicing medicine in Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand, because it
offers world-class training in biomedical sciences, social sciences, and clinical skills through implemented themes that
include personal and professional development . Malaysian universities ensure that graduates become professional
doctors according to the General Medical Council, UK and Malaysian Medical Council.

New Castle University       
The university offers clinical studies in the center of Sultan Ismail hospital, and other courses are equivalent to that being taught
in the UK. Thoughtful students could be given the unique chance of studying an extra year in UK to acquire an intercalated
research qualification of BA or MA.

International Medical University
Generally speaking you need to be 100% sure of pursuing a career in medicine because anywhere in the world and Malaysia,
the courses will be tough; IMU however will make you very fit to be a doctor and enhance your professional and ethical skills
in to also dealing with deaths and empathizing with patients.

International Islamic University
Courses are given in the university through three phases, including phase 1 which consists of the first two years of the program
involving teaching and learning basic medical sciences. Phase two and three students develop clinical skills and know about
clinical clerkship in various clinical disciplines; all taught in an Islamic framework.

Penang Medical College
Students enrolled in the university are accredited degrees by the college of surgeons in Ireland and the college of Dublin; since
they own Penang College. Students will be based in Ireland the first two and a half years of the program and study biomedical
and early clinical sciences and then return to Penang, where they’ll continue having extensive clinical training. Courses consists
of biomedical science and research, clinical medicine, clinical competence, International health through developing professional skills.

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