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Malaysia’s multicultural society

Malaysia is one of the unique countries that hold a diverse society, and this is a great delight to any traveler as he/she will get a taste and glimpse of more than one culture in one place, saving money, time and enjoying the genetic diversity and various cultural experiences. The Malaysian society mainly is made up of the Malays, Chinese, and Indians. The official language in Malaysia is “Bahasa” but when all those three communities speak to each other they speak English, which was recently assigned as the language of instruction by the Higher Education.

The Malays formulate about 50% of the population, making them the majority is the country. The term “Malay” is referred to people
who practice Islam and Malay traditions and come from Malay ancestor. It is also said that the royal court of Melacca has affected
the decisions of Malays to convert from Hinduism to Islam; however, some of the Malays hold other religions such as Christianity and Hinduism.
The Malayans are considered to be in charge for the political fortunes of the country.

          Malay Father and Son the 18th century

They formulate about third of the population and speak three languages including “Hokken”, Hakka” and “Cantonese”. 
They are said to be most powerful in the business community. The Chinese community in Malaysia descended from
Chinese immigrants. The Chinese-Malaysians now live mostly in northern Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and southern state of Johor.
Their majority take Buddhism as their religion.

The Indians make up the smallest ethnic group in the country as they’re estimated 10 % of the population.
They came to Malaysia in effort to break from the Indian Caste system and endure a better living conditions
in Malaysia. They are said to be the descendants of Tamil who speak south Indian. When they came to
Malaysia they were responsible for adding up their colorful and delighted culture to the country along with
the spicy food that make up the main dishes in Malaysia. The Indian Malaysians mostly live in large
towns on the west coast of the peninsula.

Other groups
Malaysia is also stacked with other communities that take a minority of the population. The main ethnic
tribe is called “Iban of Sarawak”, are 395,000 people who mostly live along the Rejang and Baram rivers.
The second ethnic group is called Bidayah who make up 107,000 and live on Sarawak’s “Skrang” river.
Another group is called Orang Asil who formulates 80,000 and they live in groups who are widely spread
along the peninsular Malaysia, and lastly the Nomadic agriculturists.

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