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An insight on Malaysian History

Behind each great country there are several stories to be told, and each story explains the current stature held in hand where each experience has a meaning behind it and every moment lived in Malaysia is reminder to its great past of enchanting events. Here is a brief history of Malaysian history which is also portrayed in the museum of national history. According to a researched document on Malaysian history, we lay here the most accurate events along Malaysian timeline.

The initial periods
A lot of evidence in the museum was shown to explain Malaysian territories starting first with “Palaeolithic” period where archeologists found bones going back from 38000 to 18000 years ago, and the “Neolithic” period in 2800 to 500 BC were the first periods that took place in Malaysia. The country was in connection at that time also with several world civilizations; a period when trading relations existed between Malaysia and India, and traders were chines, Indians, and Arabs.
The Hindu-Buddhist period took place in the 7th and 8th century where the famous temple still exists till present in the Bujuang Valley, also known as the great era of international trade. A new culture emerged after a while called the “Srivijayan” culture which had links with china and India and the kingdom was the focus of traders from Egypt, China and Persia and this also highlights the cosmopolitan society in this era.

The arrival of Islam and Colonialism
Islam arrived in Malaysia during the 15th century during the kingdom of “Melaka”, but shortly the Portuguese invaded Melaka in 1511 in what is said to be an unfair conquest where warriors were armed only with swords and spears; a battle where Malaysia lost its independence. This was before the invasion of the Dutch era and English era all combined under the “Arrival of the European region”.
Colonialism took presence under the titles “The Foreign Powers in Sarawak and Sabah”.  The Islamic reform movement didn’t only subject to nationalism but the movement in the Middle East had great influence on events in Malaysia and as a result spread campaigns in religious schools eventually resulting in a nationalist spirit.

The Japanese occupation 1942- 1945
This was merely a period of economic depression and due to this fact the people of Malaysia and nationalist fighters formed an underground movement to fight the power of the Japanese military and help their allies.
The Malayan Union Proposal 1946
This was the era when the proposal was promoted by the British after the war and this era also marks
the first Malayan congress being held in 1946 which led to the United Malays National Organization ( UMNO)

The proclamation of independence 1957
This era came after several Malayan political shifts and unsettlement and this was also the time when Malaysia
was assigned the first prime minister named “ Tunku Abdulrahman”. A short time late came a period called the
“ Confrontation” period that took place during 1963- 1966 and very well known as a period of warfare between Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Magnificent Decade
This era basically depicts the industrial and technological progress that led to political stability
and economic growth that is vivid till today.