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10 things you didn’t know about Malaysia

1-The Malaysian flag was redesigned in 1963
The Malaysian flag or as the Malaysians call it the “Gemilang” was designed by a 29 year old architect called Mohamed Hamza
as he created it right after the outcast of the Malayan Union that was replaced by the Federation of Malaya.
The design was picked out of several entries and was first raised in 1950.

2-The country’s national anthem was taken from Perak
The first Prime Minister Tunku Abdulrahman has taken the anthem
“Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan” and later adjusted it and wrote a different lyrics.

3-Malaysia’s first national service was recent
The country has applied its first national service experiment in 1962 when the government called in youngsters
with ages ranging between 21 and 28 for a two year military training to face what was called “The deadly Indonesian Confrontation”.

4- The country was named “ Aurea Chesrsonesu” before being named Malaysia
This was Malaysia’s earliest name and it meant “Peninsula of gold”, the country was named at
that time by a Roman geographer called Poltemy as he released the name in one of his books called “Georgraphia”.

5- The oldest English school in Penang
The location of the oldest English school in South East Asia was located in Penang
under the name of “Penang Free School” and was founded in 1816.

6-Malaysia has the world’s third largest Island
The island named “Borneo” holds an area of 743,000 Km made up Sabah and Sarawak
and is named the largest after islands Greenland and New Guinea.

7-Malaysia’s highway is bigger than earth’s circumference
The total highway length in Malaysia is 67,877 KM while the earth’s circumference is only 40,075 KM.

8-The world’s longest Cobra
The longest Cobra worldwide was caught alive at Port Dickson in 1937 at a
measure of 5.54 meters and later on grew longer to 5.71 meters.

9-Country’s local time change 8 times!
The first time was in 1932 when the clocks were 20 minutes ahead to lengthen day light, and in 1941
it was advanced ten more minutes. In 1942 the clock was two hours ahead in aim to be parallel
to Tokyo’s time, and in it went two hours back in 1945. The final adjustment was made in
1982 when the time advanced 30 minutes to be linked with Sarawak and Sabah.

10-Some global brands are produced in Malaysia
Intel Pentium chips and Brook’s brothers’ shirts are two of the many global brands produced in the country, however, Brooks brother’s shirts contracts out its products to a third party manufacturer in Malaysia. On the other hand Intel has operated in the country for 42 years and its first head quarter was located in Penang and later expanded to Kuala Lumpur and Kulim.